Legislative and Regulatory Solutions

Our Government Affairs team has helped businesses, industries and non-profit coalitions solve complex challenges they face from federal regulations and legislation. We work directly with members and committees in Congress, with federal agencies and with the Administration to advance the interests of our clients. In a sampling of our recent work, we have:

  • Implemented fishery management programs for the nation's largest marine recreational fishing organization, which will serve to enhance and increase fishery resources such as redfish, striped bass, and billfish
  • Obtained direct Presidential assurance that importation of a certain fishing gear into the United States would not be held up in an international marine mammal dispute
  • Won a tariff classification fight with the U.S. Customs service, saving a California company a substantial sum of existing and future import tariffs
  • Facilitated passage of a bill providing transparency and accountability in the expenditure of $125 million of federal research funds
  • Built legislative coalitions for a regional group of small woodlot owners to support tax incentives for reforestation, defeated proposals that would close export markets for certain wood products, supported reform of the estate tax code as it applies to family-owned businesses, and developed spotted owl programs pursuant to Section 4(d) of the Endangered Species Act
  • Facilitated changes in housing law to allow developers and states to receive increased payments upon the expiration of real estate property tax abatement

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