U.S. Army Adopts Innovative Cargo Lift System

A Vancouver, Washington-based company proactively designed, tested and manufactured a “mission critical” component for the U.S. Army’s helicopter fleet. Their innovative upgrade of the helicopter’s cargo lift system was set to enhance military unit performance and increase warfighter safety.  However, Pentagon inertia and Department of Defense (DOD) bureaucracy left the manufacturer at an impasse. A significant R&D investment was at risk. Success would require prompt Army acceptance of the company's product.

Ball Janik LLP developed and implemented a comprehensive strategy for the client that generated Congressional interest and engaged key DOD decision makers. We made apparent in our communications that improvements in aircraft readiness and reduced life-cycle costs would result from adoption of the component. As a result, U.S. Army program managers became champions for the company's innovative design. Congressional appropriators were convinced to provide millions of dollars in funding for the project. The manufacturer’s novel lift system is now set to be included in a multi-year upgrade of hundreds of helicopters in the U.S. Army inventory. In turn, a significant revenue stream will now be flowing to this Pacific Northwest company.