Winning Strategy Expands Department of Defense Base's Water Treatment System


Ball Janik LLP provides comprehensive government affairs support to a nationwide engineering and construction company. This Massachusetts headquartered E&C specializes in the design and construction of water and waste water treatment systems for municipalities as well as for Department of Defense (DOD) installations. The E&C was the incumbent on a multi-year contract to build, operate, and maintain a waste water treatment system at a key DOD installation in California. That DOD military installation was set to expand to accommodate an influx of U.S. Marines, training to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan. Using the E&C’s contract, the Marines desperately needed to complete the waste water treatment project. They also hoped to replace the pump stations and pipelines of the decrepit fresh water treatment system under options to the E&C contract. Given the added activity at the installation, DOD also planned to award a future contract for a new fresh water treatment system.

The Challenge

Design and construction of the waste water treatment plant went well for a number of years. But a major problem loomed on the horizon. Funding for the last phase of the waste water treatment contract held by the E&C, set at $40 million, was in doubt. DOD budget wars had constrained installation planners. And the E&C needed to position itself to the win the future water treatment system award. Over $100 million in revenue was at stake.

What was the best way to insure that military construction funds were provided for the installations use to support investment in the base infrastructure during the term of the engineering firm’s contract? In advance of the formal procurement for the follow-on contract, how could the engineering firm showcase its excellent past performance, enhancing its reputation with DOD decision makers?

The Solution

With our knowledge of the company and integration in the company’s business planning cycle, Ball Janik was able to put together a winning strategy. We quickly added key elements to the firm’s capture plan for the pending water treatment system contract. Working closely with the firm’s federal marketing team, we developed and implemented a plan that showcased the E&C’s past performance and capabilities to both Congressional offices and key agency decision makers. At the same time, we insured that $40 million in funding was provided for the final phase of the existing contract.

The engineering and construction firm won the follow-on five year design and construction contract for a water treatment system at the California installation, adding over $60 million to the company’s backlog. In addition, the company’s bottom line reflected the full potential of the current contract. The award winning installation waste water project was celebrated by DOD and Congressional stakeholders.