Ball Janik LLP’s 2009 Annual Conference on Current Issues in Real Estate and Land Use was held September 23, 2009. The topics covered included the following:

“Borrower and Lender Perspectives on Loan Workouts,” by Dina E. Alexander and Justin D. Leonard

“Real Estate Transactions and Superfund Liability After the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway v. United States,” by Richard H. Allan

“Purchasing Troubled Projects – Foreclosures, Short Sales, and Partially Completed Projects,” by Laura Craska Cooper

“Purchase Rights,” by Stephen T. Janik

“Urban Planning for the Next 50 Years – Metro’s Urban Reserve Process Update,” by Dana L. Krawczuk

“Recent Developments in Insurance Coverage Law for Construction and Development,” by Kevin S. Mapes

“Purchasing the Note on a Distressed Project,” by Bradley S. Miller

“1031 Exchange Updates,” by Timothy M. Parks

“2009 Legislative Updates,” by Thor G. Tingey