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Case Study

Courthouse Financing Project

Ball Janik LLP is providing pro-bono legal services to the Courthouse Facilities Task Force, convened by the Honorable Paul De Muniz, Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court.

Oregon’s 36 courthouse facilities are in need of substantial replacement, upgrading, and/or structural and mechanical modifications. This includes the need to build a new courthouse for Multnomah County, Oregon’s most populous county. The cost of these projects could reach $600 million, and there is not currently a source of funding. At the request of the Chief Justice De Muniz, Steve Janik has been serving on a state wide task force and a local Multnomah County committee to develop potential financing structures and alternatives for funding these needed improvements.

The work requires investigation of all potential forms of financing, including various types of government funding and bond programs and complex tax structures. To date, Mr. Janik has investigated and assessed numerous financing alternatives, has served on the state level task force, and has testified before the State Legislature.

Mr. Janik is handling this project on a pro-bono basis.