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07.07.2022 // Attorney
Condo owners must prepare now for new condo safety law, published in the Sun-Sentinel
Gabriel (Gabe) Coelho published an Op-Ed piece detailing new legislation in the wake of the Champlain Towers Surfside condominium collapse on 7/7/2022. In his column, Gabe highlights the most significant changes that condominium associations must be aware of for buildings over 30 years old and built with materials similar to the Champlain Towers. “Florida finally...
07.07.2022 // Attorney
Hurricane Insurance Prep Is Key For Fla. Condos And HOAs, Published in Law360
Kelly Corcoran's article covering hurricane preparation for condo and homeowner associations was published on 6/30 in Law360. His article details how community associations must prepare for hurricane season by ensuring they're governed by the appropriate chapter (either 718 or 720). These chapters provide the necessary insurance guidelines for both community bodies, and if a condo/homeowner...
07.07.2022 // Attorney
One Year Later: Surfside Collapse Inspires Newly Passed Florida Legislation Addressing Structural Integrity, Published in REBusinessOnline
This month marked the first anniversary of the 13-story, L-shaped Champlain Towers collapse alongside the Surfside coastline. Jim Prichard, Ball Janik LLP’s Managing Partner, wrote an article published on 6/24 for REBusinessOnline detailing the Florida Senate passing Senate Bill 4D, which addresses structural inspection requirements and inspection reserve funds held by condominium and cooperative associations....
06.24.2022 // Construction Defect
ECHOES OF A TRAGEDY - Surfside Condo Collapse has Lasting Ramifications, Published in the South Florida Business Journal
The Champlain Towers South collapsed one year ago today, claiming 98 victims, and this tragedy has created reverberating consequences over that time. Gabriel (Gabe) Z. Coelho is quoted in the article, published on 6/24,  concerning structural issues in large condo buildings like Champlain Towers. "The problems you see right after construction grow over time," said...
06.08.2022 // NEWS
Hybrid Work Models Demand an Evolution in Communication, Published in the New York Law Journal and
Communication is the backbone of any business, yet most business problems break down due to ineffective communication, and companies are experiencing a significant backlash because of it. In an article published on 6/6, Heather speaks about the importance of efficient communication in the evolving business landscape. "It can be challenging to keep up with this...
05.31.2022 // NEWS
Texas Takeaways: Is Your Business a Good Candidate for Cyber Insurance, Published in Texas Lawyer
Managers, partners, high-ranking executives, owners, and other decision-makers have the critical task of evaluating their risk and cybersecurity status and deciding whether or not cyber insurance is a wise investment. Heather Oden is featured in an article in the Texas Lawyer detailing some of the positives of cyber insurance in today’s world. “We must be...
05.27.2022 // Construction Defect
Bicoastal law firm expands to downtown Sarasota, published in Florida Trend and the Business Observer
Ball Janik LLP is featured for its expansion on the Gulf Coast, opening the fourth office off Main Street in the Center Pointe Office Building in downtown Sarasota, Florida. Salvatore Scor will lead the office in the role of special counsel. He will be joined by partners Phillip Joseph, James Prichard, Evan Small, Kelly Corcoran,...
05.06.2022 // Attorney
Ball Janik LLP Expands to West Florida, Opens Sarasota Office, published in Attorney at Law Magazine
Ball Janik’s new Sarasota office is highlighted in Attorney at Law Magazine. The office is located across the street from the Sarasota County Courthouse in the Center Pointe Office Building at 2033 Main Street, Suite 201. The Sarasota office is an expansion of Ball Janik’s growing presence throughout Florida. Special Counsel Salvatore Scro will lead...
05.06.2022 // Attorney
Ball Janik LLP Expands to West Florida, Opens Sarasota Office, published in Sarasota Scene Magazine
Ball Janik has opened its fourth office and the first on the Gulf Coast in Sarasota, Florida. Special Counsel Salvatore Scro will lead the Sarasota Office, along with partners Phillip Joseph, James Prichard, Evan Small, Kelly Corcoran, and Brian Crevasse. "Expanding to western Florida is a natural move for our firm as we grow in...
05.06.2022 // Attorney
Ball Janik LLP Expands to West Florida, Opens Sarasota Office, published in Commercial, Construction & Renovation Magazine
Ball Janik is pleased to announce the firm’s fourth office opening, and first on the Gulf Coast, in Sarasota, Florida. Located in the Center Pointe Office Building at 2033 Main Street, Suite 201, and across the street from Sarasota County Courthouse, the firm’s latest office is positioned to serve clients up and down the Gulf...