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101 SW Main Street, Suite 1800
Portland, Oregon 97204
T :503-944-6012

Camron Wilde

Camron Wilde is the Brand Director for Ball Janik LLP and brings twenty years of industry experience to the firm. Mr. Wilde is responsible for Ball Janik’s brand strategy, which translates to growth, reputation, and culture development. Mr. Wilde consults on recruiting and planning teams, training new attorney talent, and managing the creative team in charge of art direction, public relations, and media strategy.

Before joining Ball Janik, Mr. Wilde was the Brand Director for a national law firm, where he managed seven state offices with more than 100 employees. Mr. Wilde more than quadrupled the firm’s size and exceeded target profits and reach during his twelve years with that firm.

Mr. Wilde graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Marketing, specializing in Communications, Advertising and Design. He also completed substantial work in Business Administration and attended the Howard York Branding Courses. Mr. Wilde sits on multiple volunteer committee boards, including the Legal Marketing Association and National LGBT Bar Association.

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