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Ball Janik LLP’s Employment practice encompasses employment law counseling, dispute resolution and litigation of employment-related disputes. Our counseling practice includes a full range of preventive employment law advice, counseling, training and internal investigations.


Counsel and Advice

Our counsel and advice practice includes a full range of preventive employment law counseling, including preparation of employment manuals, policies, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, and severance/separation agreements.  Our advice covers: hiring, termination, reduction in force and discipline; wage and hour compliance with local, state, and federal employment statutes and regulations; family medical and other leave laws; insurance coverage for employment claims; recordkeeping and disclosure requirements; and protection of intellectual property and trade secrets.

Defense of Employment Claims

Our Employment practice focuses, although not exclusively, on the defense of employment claims. We litigate employment matters in Oregon and Washington trial and appellate courts, federal district and appellate courts, and before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries, and the Washington Human Rights Commission. We are known for our aggressive defense and summary judgment successes, preventing cases from going to trial.

Employment Practice Audits

Many employers conduct periodic employment practice audits to ensure that their policies and practices are keeping up with the ever-changing requirements of employment and wage and hour laws. Our lawyers review and analyze our clients’ employment practices and offer specific, practical advice about recommended changes. Our lawyers also represent employers who are being audited by compliance agencies, including the U.S. Department of Labor.

Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

We defend discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims in state and federal courts. Our concerted successful defense has reduced overall litigation costs.


Our lawyers serve as investigators when an employer decides it needs an outside party to investigate a complaint of harassment, discrimination, or other alleged wrongdoing in the workplace. We plan and conduct the investigation and provide a report to the employer of our factual findings. If necessary, we testify about our investigation and findings. Our investigations are targeted, thorough, hard-hitting and genuinely neutral. When necessary, we advise the employer about improvements it should implement in its workplace.


We conduct trainings for our clients in order to educate managers regarding best practices in the workplace.

Wage and Hour Advice and Litigation

Wage and hour law is technical and filled with traps for even sophisticated employers. Our lawyers regularly advise employers on the requirements of wage and hour laws and represent employers in litigation of wage and hour violations.