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04.07.2021 // NEWS
Retention and Succession Planning Is Critical for Client Loyalty, published in's The Mid-Market Report
A large part of the U.S. population is reaching retirement age. As they do and a huge wave of baby boomers march into retirement, law firms are shifting resources and focusing on business continuity plans, including recruitment, retention, crisis response, and succession planning. Steve Janik, Heather Oden, and Jim Prichard are highlighted in an article...
04.02.2021 // Construction Defect
Florida Construction Defect Proposal Unfair to Homeowners, published in Law360
Florida homeowners already face many hurdles when it comes to filing suit against a builder for defective construction. Large builders and lobbyists make it even more difficult with a new bill proposed by Florida Rep. Alex Andrade. In an article published on April 1, 2021, Nick Vargo and Greg Demers discuss House Bill 21, which adds more...
DEMOLITION OF HOMEOWNERS’ RIGHTS AGAINST FAULTY CONSTRUCTION: a discussion about the requirements under Florida’s Chapter 558 Notice of Construction Defects and proposed legislation.
Typically, the most important, and largest, purchase in a person’s life is their home. Due to negligence in the construction industry, many homes are built with construction defects that require tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. In the last five years, numerous large builders have settled claims with the Office of the...
03.17.2021 // NEWS
Partner and Chair of Litigation practice, Jim McDermott, quoted in The Oregonian article featuring client, HotChalk, Inc., and Concordia University-Portland Closure Case
Concordia creditors do battle as campus slated for June foreclosure auction “For over a year, Concordia has hidden its finances from public view while diverting its remaining assets away from HotChalk, which is owed over $300 million,” said McDermott in the recent article featured in The Oregonian, and referencing the largely publicized Concordia University-Portland case. The University...
03.17.2021 // NEWS
“Responding to a Disaster,” published in the Oregon State Bar Bulletin
The wildfires in western and southern Oregon were devastating for the residents in the area. But the legal community and other volunteers came together quickly to donate their time, expertise, and aid in the recovery. Ball Janik's own Damian Hall was key to these efforts. In a feature article published on March 15, Hall and professionals...
03.09.2021 // Announcements
We are happy to announce that attorney Sara A.H. Sayles has been elevated to Community Associations Practice Group Leader
Ball Janik LLP is pleased to announce that Sara A.H. Sayles has been elevated to Community Associations Practice Group Leader, effective March 1, 2021. Ms. Sayles will continue to oversee the Community Associations practice group as it broadens its offerings and regionality under her charge. She will work with the other attorneys involved in the...
03.01.2021 // NEWS
Worldwide Interest Apportionment and Sales Tax, published in Bloomberg Tax & Accounting
In an article published on February 14, 2021, Ciaran Connelly is highlighted in a feature article regarding Bloomberg’s expert analysis on current issues in tax practice and policy. In the article, Connelly addresses the SEC’s enforcement action against Ripple, and he discusses the implications and liabilities surrounding digital currencies similar to bitcoin. The legal precedence...
02.11.2021 // NEWS
SEC’s View That Crypto Tokens Are Securities Causes Legal Woes for Ripple, published in Bloomberg Law
The SEC’s enforcement action against Ripple and its principals illustrates the factors used to determine if a digital asset is a security. In an article published on February 11, 2021, Ciaran Connelly discusses the implications and liabilities surrounding digital currencies similar to bitcoin. The legal precedence is rapidly changing and blockchain companies should be careful...
02.09.2021 // NEWS
Oregon's eviction moratorium (HB 4401)
Curious on the status of the current eviction moratoriums and related provisions of HB4401 in Oregon? Click the link below for an update from Partner Ciaran Connelly, hosted by HFO Investment Real Estate.
02.08.2021 // NEWS
An Unexpected Road to Profits: Corporate Health and Wellness, published in The Mid-Market Report and
There is no doubt that our world went through some rapid changes in 2020 and while we all faced some challenging times, we adapted and brought new initiatives forward like health and wellness, flexibility, enhanced technology, clear internal communication, and tighter security. In an article published on February 08, 2021, Heather Oden discusses the firm’s...