Briefly Stated December 2013

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12.16.2013 // NEWS, Newsletters
Briefly Stated December 2013

Excerpts from Ball Janik’s Real Estate and Land Use E-Newsletter

Hall Joins Ball Janik LLP

Ball Janik is pleased to announce that Damien R. Hall has joined our Land Use and Real Estate practice groups in the Portland office. Mr. Hall has worked for several years representing municipalities and owners, helping them navigate Oregon’s unique land use requirements and political sensitivities to controlled growth and land development. His background is in urban planning, and he regularly assists clients with real estate transactions, natural resources law, municipal law, and formation and organization of business entities. Read more here.

Best Practices Tip

Exact Legal Names Matter

When drafting a purchase agreement, getting both the “seller” and the “property” names correct are critical. As to the “seller,” the persons or entities listed as the “seller” must be the exact legal names of the persons or entities that hold legal title to the property so that the purchase and sale agreement can be specifically enforced. This can be determined by asking a title company for the last deed transferring title to the property. As to the “property,” the purchase agreement must accurately describe the fee interest in the property being acquired and any other real property interest need for the use of the property (such as an access easement critical to the use of the property). This can be determined by a careful review of the title report and the survey for the property during the due diligence period. To the extent the description of the property in the purchase agreement does not match the property intended to be purchased, the purchase agreement should be amended prior to the expiration of the due diligence period to correct the description of the property.

Congratulations to New Seasons in Opening Their 13th Store in Portland’s First Eco-District

Ball Janik LLP is pleased to share the news about New Seasons opening its 13th store in Portland’s first eco-district. Ball Janik has been working with New Seasons to secure its leases as it expands in the Portland metro area.

SAVE THE DATE: BALL JANIK’S 2014 Real Estate and Land Use Seminar

Save the date for next our annual Real Estate and Land Use Seminar – March 12, 2014. By invitation only. Click here for more information.

Best Practices Tip

Loan Document Review – Limited Recourse

When representing a borrower in the negotiation of a limited recourse loan, there are several things to keep in mind when reviewing loan documents. First, be sure that the applicable document’s general description of when the limited recourse provisions do not apply are not so broadly drafted so as to effectively make the loan a full recourse loan. Second, review the “bad boy” carve outs to be sure that they are truly “bad boy” acts. These is especially true with respect to violations of the Special Purpose Entity provisions which often include a default being the failure to pay debts when due (and thus would effectively eviscerate the limited recourse intent). Third, the violation of a “bad boy” act should only trigger liability to the extent of the loss suffered by the lender with respect to such “bad boy” act instead of being a flip to full recourse (although many loan documents now contain a flip to full recourse for certain “bad boy” acts, with the only ones that really are appropriate for a flip to full recourse are bankruptcy events). Finally, try to tie what is typically a separate broad indemnity contained elsewhere in the loan documents expressly to the limited recourse language to prevent a lender from using a broad indemnity clause to expand a borrower’s liability beyond the negotiated for limitations contained in the limited recourse provision.

Legal Notes

Any information obtained from this correspondence is strictly informational and not to be construed as legal opinion or advice by Ball Janik LLP or its attorneys on specific facts or circumstances nor a solicitation of legal business.


Ball Janik LLP was founded in 1982 with six lawyers and a four-person support staff in Portland, Oregon. Since our firm’s inception, we have expanded our capabilities, our professionals, and geographic footprint. What started as a firm focused in real property and land use (known then as Ball Janik & Novack), has grown to include the insights of a team of 30-plus attorneys, with a combined six centuries of experience, and capabilities including Real Estate and Land Use, Construction Defect, Commercial Litigation, Insurance Recovery, Construction and Design, Employment, Finance and Corporate, Public Agencies and Schools, and Community Associations. With offices in Florida and Oregon, our regional growth has earned us a national reputation for upholding the rights of our clients.

Ball Janik LLP has been recognized by Chambers USA, U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers®, The Best Lawyers in America©, and Corporate International. Ball Janik LLP’s success and integrity have repeatedly made it one of “Oregon’s Most Admired Professional Firms,” according to the Portland Business Journal’s survey results of CEOs throughout the region.

Damien R. Hall
Portland, Oregon
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