Published in the New York Law Journal

James (Jim) Prichard, the firm’s Managing Partner, is quoted in the New York Law Journal regarding his insights on establishing strong connections and sending the right employees to industry-specific conferences to drive business growth. The article discusses the importance of preparing for a conference and having a business development plan in place.

Approaching conferences with a clear strategy and plan will greatly impact the likelihood of strong business connections and identifying new trends in the field. It is critical to follow up with connections after the event with insights or trends uncovered; this helps ensure the relationship is maintained and nurtures the opportunity for future business.

“In our business, it’s imperative to attend industry-related conferences,” says Jim Prichard. “This allows us to remain at the top of our industry, keep our connections close, and provide valuable content. We spend a large part of our marketing budget on conferences, and we must choose the right people to attend conferences to network, provide content, and close deals.”

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