After the Surfside condominium collapse of Champlain Towers South, many building owners and tenants are reevaluating the condition of their buildings. Restaurant owners need to be concerned about the condition of their premises. In an article published on August 30, 2021, Phillip Joseph and Greg Demers write that “construction defects can devastatingly affect revenue and raise health and safety concerns for patrons and employees.” The authors discuss warning signs and offer advice on what to do if you discover a potential issue.

In a section called “What to Look For,” Phillip and Greg list the following warning signs and explain what to do:

  • Water intrusion such as roof leaks and window leaks: Even a small leak may be a sign of a much larger construction issue. Repeated roof leaks may be a sign of systemic construction defects and could develop into a costly repair.
  • Cracking of the exterior walls: Wall cracks and efflorescence may be a sign that your walls are experiencing water intrusion. As water enters a building’s wall cavity and reaches the framing, the framing can be compromised, causing more cracking, and leading to more moisture entering the wall. Caulking or sealing the cracks will generally only cover up the issue, leading to a more expensive repair in the future.

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