Florida’s condo boards must act to protect owners against building defects

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Nicholas (Nick) Vargo and Salvatore (Sal) Scro published an article on 4/28 in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune regarding the luxury condo boom and the rise in construction defect litigation. The authors discuss the surging growth of high-rise condos in the Sarasota region, spearheaded by incentivization to construct new luxury condos across the state. While the construction boom brings benefits, it also increases the risk of construction defects.

“[A]reas, such as the Sarasota-Bradenton metro area, are seeing an increase in construction with master plan communities like Lake Wood Ranch and condominiums and the new SOTA Hotel & Residences,” they write. “With a boom in construction, there is an increased risk of potential pitfalls and a rise in construction defects.”

Sal and Nick also detail Florida statutes holding contractors accountable for shoddy construction and turnovers, writing “Statutes of limitations and statutory warranties granted to condominium associations are time-sensitive matters. Early identification of defects is critical to protect Boards and the owners they represent.”

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