Health and Wellness Embraced Well Before COVID-19, but Firms Have Bolstered Offerings, published in’s Mid-Market Report

The issue of mental health and wellness has long been a chief subject in the legal industry. Given the world around us and the current stresses we all face, this vital topic has become even more critical. Law firms are seeing an increased awareness focused on a wide range of subjects for well-being and mental health, including social, physical, mental, and more through advocacy, research, education, technical, and resource support. The firm is highlighted for its many wellness initiatives in an article published on May 3, 2021.

“Our employees are everything. While we can’t all be together, we want to ensure that anyone who is struggling in any way can lean on us,” says Heather Oden.

Knowing that stress is dangerously high, the firm has increased its healthcare coverage to offer employees counseling on-demand with a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, clinical social worker, or naturopaths. The firm encourages employees to get outside and get moving and offers employees discounts for everything from gym memberships and massage services to family entertainment. Employees can purchase various wearable devices, acupuncture services, chiropractic services, and more at a discounted rate.

For Lawyer Wellness Week held on May 3-7, 2021, the firm’s marketing team is working to coordinate the delivery of dinner to its attorneys. “We want to ensure that our attorneys know that we are all in this together and management of stress and well-being is good for the entire firm,” said Camron Wilde, who oversees the firm’s branding and technology efforts. Every day during the week, the firm will share messages, resources and provide small gifts to the workforce. These gestures help reinforce the commitment to stress management and wellness that the firm has so strongly embraced.

“It is so important for everyone at Ball Janik to know that our health and wellness are not only important for each of us individually but make us stronger as a collective and a company,” said Elle Walch, who oversees the firm’s marketing and business development efforts.

“We are doing a good amount during wellness week, but we want everyone at the firm to know that this is a year-round effort, and the firm has resources for any who need them. We’re committed to providing everyone at Ball Janik with as many tools as we can to combat stress and maintain both physical and mental well-being,” said Heather Oden, the firm’s Chief Operating Officer.

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