Hybrid Work Models Demand an Evolution in Communication, Published in the New York Law Journal and Law.com

Communication is the backbone of any business, yet most business problems break down due to ineffective communication, and companies are experiencing a significant backlash because of it. In an article published on 6/6, Heather speaks about the importance of efficient communication in the evolving business landscape.

“It can be challenging to keep up with this growth and ensure our people collaborate and communicate effectively,” said Heather. “We’ve realized that driving our firm’s communication practices is an evolutionary practice that we must constantly focus on. We also have to be mindful about the threats we face in our interconnected world and have been able to leverage cybersecurity insurance and training to help protect our organization.”

With remote and hybrid working models becoming an increasing norm, new business truths are solidifying; communication planning and collaborative planning need to be pushed to the forefront of all business models and not viewed as an afterthought. The most successful businesses understand the importance of extensive communication practices at every level.

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