Culture clearly has a powerful effect. Studies have shown time and again that the right culture increases productivity, wellness, results, retention, and resilience. In an article published on 10/04, Steve Janik and Heather Oden discuss the firm’s inclusive culture. Employees meet regularly to discuss challenges and opportunities, which was Steve Janik’s vision when he founded the firm. Ultimately, he led the charge, and today, the firm has grown with coast-to-coast offices, an expanding base of clients, and a talented team.
Janik commits time to mentor younger attorneys, communicates often, and has succeeded in his mission to create a culture of superior work, loyalty, inclusiveness, and community service.

“Our employees are the roots that anchor our firm. We recognize that sometimes people struggle, and we want the firm to be a place they can turn to address this,” says Heather Oden, Ball Janik’s Chief Operating Officer. The firm has added to its healthcare coverage to offer more ways for people to find helpful resources when they need them. They also provide discounts on gym memberships and massage services to help encourage and ensure a healthy body and mind. While the firm is spread out through the US, firm employees meet regularly in committees where they brainstorm different programs and incentives to innovate and improve processes and culture.

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