Featured in Seniors Housing Business on 01/27, Phillip Joseph and Gabriel Coelho discuss the recertification backlash from the Champlain Tower South collapse. They explain the importance of ongoing oversight, sound construction, and proper inspection of residential towers throughout Florida, especially for vulnerable members of society.

The article covers Miami-Dade and Broward Counties’ recertification requirements for buildings over 40 years old and the community dissatisfaction toward city and state governments for failing to act on delinquent certification requirements appropriately. The seniors housing community feels compelled to take action, given they do not have protections afforded by a condominium board of directors. Phillip and Gabe advise owners and operators to do more by establishing immediate evaluations by a third-party engineer to ensure safety and quality. Additionally, they discuss the long-term ramifications of failing to conduct routine inspections of buildings to avoid structural concerns and costly repairs.

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