Meet Me at the Clubhouse, published in’s Mid-Market Report

There’s a newer way to interview these days, and plenty of folks are talking about it! Clubhouse, a social media network, first gained notoriety when Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Oprah dropped into Clubhouse rooms and started having conversations during the height of covid. In an article published on September 7, Elle Walch and Camron Wilde discuss the importance of media training, staying up to date with the latest technologies, and identifying talking points in advance that align with the firm’s business development goals.

“It’s not enough to skim the news to identify news trends,” says Elle Walch. “We are constantly meeting with our attorneys and talking about what they see in their industry and what their clients are asking. These are some of the topics we are strategically focusing on.”

Building awareness can be done by highlighting your latest product. For instance, Ball Janik launched in time for hurricane season. This service helps educate consumers regarding the process of filing property damage claims on a local and national scale. “Every time you have a new product or offering, you have to build brand awareness,” says Camron Wilde. “Not only did we showcase our latest product, but we built meaningful discussion around it by engaging in public relations efforts.

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