The metaverse has become a hot topic lately, with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google investing massive amounts of time and money in developing tools and platforms for digital worlds. Where there is change, there is opportunity, and the legal industry must keep pace and consider new technologies and new workforce demands of Gen Z. According to the Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z & Millennial Survey, 75% of Gen Zs prefer a hybrid work environment, expect increased learning and development opportunities, and demand that the company they work for make a positive societal impact. This generation will place new demands on the workplace, and companies will have to react if they want to hire and retain the best talent. They will want to use the latest technology to break down borders and interact with others worldwide. In an article published on 8/25 in The New York Law Journal, Ball Janik’s Heather Oden is quoted detailing what she thinks will impact the legal profession.

“We are always a sum of the whole and our success is fed by our work as a team, and our ability to be more efficient than others,” said Heather Oden, COO of the firm. “New generations entering the workforce will have new demands for how and where they work. We must be prepared to adjust and adapt.”

New technology, work policies, and cultural shifts sweeping through the industry will shape the next quarter century of legal proceedings. Companies that fail to be forward-thinking will be left behind while others reap the benefits of modernizing their approach with newer generations of lawyers.

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