Successful brands don’t happen overnight. They work at it every day, delivering three essential items: credibility, authority, and visibility. To be leaders in their field, firms must align their public relations efforts with thought leadership and SEO. It is not enough to be mentioned once; leading brands do it repeatedly. Those who provide valuable content vs. promotional content will always remain at the top of the search engines. In an article published on December 6, Elle Walch, Director of Marketing and Business Development, discusses how Ball Janik LLP recognized the need for more to be done after the Surfside condominium collapse of Champlain Towers South in Miami, Florida.

Firm attorneys encouraged building owners and tenants to reevaluate the condition of their buildings and to be proactive. “The awful tragedy that occurred in Surfside ultimately led to building owners and tenants questioning the safety of their own properties,” said Elle. “With Ball Janik’s focus on construction defect law throughout Florida, we had a huge opportunity to educate the community on safeguarding their properties and warning signs to look for. We approached this not only in the residential and community association industry, but crossed over into the commercial, affordable housing, and hospitality industries as well.”

Elle adds, “our firm lawyers participated in news stories, wrote articles, and hosted webinars to offer tips on how to handle construction defects which can devastatingly impact revenue and raise health and safety concerns for residents.”

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