A large part of the U.S. population is reaching retirement age. As they do and a huge wave of baby boomers march into retirement, law firms are shifting resources and focusing on business continuity plans, including recruitment, retention, crisis response, and succession planning. Steve Janik, Heather Oden, and Jim Prichard are highlighted in an article published on April 5, 2021, regarding careful recruitment, retention, and succession planning. “We want to stay the course and encourage positive change,” says Oden. “Our goal is to build transparency for opportunity and to build a healthy “emotionally intelligent” culture.”

To achieve this, Ball Janik uses data to create metrics that identify what works for retention of talent and what lowers turnover rates. Internal teams meet regularly to identify strengths and map out plans for strategic, smart growth. The firm also continues to be laser-focused on mental health, dramatically expanding the available resources to their employees and their families. The firm encourages diversity equity and inclusion through numerous internal programs and organizations that offer continuing education. Women’s leadership teams meet regularly and help female attorneys support each other.

“Building a healthy culture that will sustain our firm’s growth begins with our executive leadership team and is carried throughout our organization,” says Oden.

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