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Claim Roadmap
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1. Pre-Storm / Hurricane Preparedness

There are many steps that should be taken to ensure you are properly prepared for hurricane season.

Here is a presentation about preparing a condominium and homeowners association:

Hurricane Preparedness
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2. Event Occurrence

Inspect the property for damage. If found, put the insurer on notice of the damage and make necessary repairs to mitigate against additional damage. Document the property damage, keep track of all expenses, and save receipts.
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3. Hire an Attorney/Investigation

The claim process can be daunting. It is important to retain counsel as soon as possible so counsel can assemble a team to protect your interests and advocate on your behalf.
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4. Insured’s Duties and Responsibilities

The insurance policy requires cooperation during the investigation and adjustment of the claim. This includes allowing the insurer to inspect the property and documents, the insured submitting to an examination under oath, and completion of a sworn proof of loss. It is important to have your attorney compile and review the documents before submitting to the insurer, prepare the insured for the examination under oath, and complete the sworn proof of loss.
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5. Coverage Decision - Possible Outcomes

Once the insurer completes it adjustment of the claim, the insurer will either:
(1) issue a denial
(2) accept part of the claim and issue partial payment
(3) accept coverage in full and issue payment

If the insurer denies (or partially denies) the claim, the insured has three options:
(1) appraisal
(2) pre-suit mediation
(3) file a lawsuit

Every claim is different. It is important to have an experienced lawyer review your options before making a decision as to your course of action.
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