In an article published on 11/4 in the New York Law Journal and, Elle provides insight on the recent Legal Marketing Association Southeast regional conference, where two hundred people from the legal industry came together to discuss and highlight issues of company culture, recruiting, retention, and how they are overcoming these obstacles.

“There is an organic, informal mentorship and exchange of information that occurs at these conferences,” says Elle. “The energy acts as the fuel we crave to reignite creativity, perform in our jobs effectively and evaluate our firm’s efforts in all aspects of legal marketing.”

The last two years have seen businesses adapt to new ways of collaborating, recruiting, and retaining talent. A key contributor to all of these is an organization’s culture, an identity that influences growth, or conversely, recession. Conference leaders noted that a toxic corporate culture is 10.4 times more powerful than compensation in predicting a company’s attrition rate in the industry.

The overall theme of the LMASE conference was bringing insight and focus on how legal firms can reimagine and reinvigorate organizational culture.


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